What is StepintoCity?

StepintoCity is a market-centric business accelerator bringing companies from around the world into New York.

We provide:
-Meaningful connections with local networks and experienced mentors
-Acceleration programs to prepare our clients for global business
-Go-to-market services to Unlock the usual barriers of entry to New York City

With all the qualities of an accelerator, combined with effective go-to-market services, we not only guide international clients in finding opportunities in new markets but also help them get their footing in this global city.

Slide Our Methodology We help international entrepreneurs and companies overcome the obstacles that they may face in New York. Matchmaking
Match global entrepreneurs and business professionals with true locals and verified services and creative marketing labs
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The definition of table is not only SIC's universal methodology but also working approach covering virtual meeting and collaboration.
"True Locals"
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"True Locals" are the key to unlocking a city's potential for international companies hoping to find their footing and carve their own path.
Market Activity
StepintoCity lends efficient support with marketing, sales, technology, human networking, and creative business designs and solutions.
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We give people efficient and effective solutions to pursue professional endeavors in Human and Advanced technology.