What is digital bridges?

Digital bridges by SIC and BCC is a business accelerator that leads entrepreneurs and international companies into success in New York City. With the global network of accelerators and investors we established, we provide training and insight to those coming to NYC from diverse, yet expert perspectives. NYC has given birth to many successful international businesses, working as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world.

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It's an uncommon gathering for those who understand and want to learn more about.

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If have enough people wanting to attend the same course then we can run one just for you. If you prefer to study in your own time and learning packages from our complete collection. If have enough people wanting to attend the same course.

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Uijun Park

Market Research
Overcome regulation

Matchmaker with the locals

“We have designed various tables in order to matchmake local and foreign entrepreneurs and businesses both for virtual/remote work and in-person interactions.”

Digital Bridges

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    If you chose to stay with us you will enjoy modern home comforts in a traditional setting. Whether you are looking for a short weekend break for you.

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