PPE project with SBA


The Seoul Business Agency (SBA) is donating 100,000 quarantine goods pouches to New York, a city hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic. The pouches include a reusable mask, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, and materials to alleviate mental health problems (online yoga class and coupons for online games and cartoons) – all of which are made from small to midsize businesses in Korea. 


SBA shipped the first wave of donations (10,000) on June 16th and is expected to arrive in Brooklyn, NY on July 24th. The plan is to distribute these pouches to the low income and underprivileged communities first. The goal is to expose New Yorkers to Korean companies and Korean products, in hopes to lead to more exports. 


The Mayor of Seoul, Young Seung Jang says that this project is a partnership turning a crisis into an opportunity and hopes that this will help the small to midsize businesses facing difficulty in exporting their products to foreign markets due to the pandemic. 


During this project, StepintoCity acted as a representative of Seoul and SBA and worked to connect Brooklyn and Seoul. StepintoCity will continue to work towards creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the two cities past the project and the pandemic.